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PearTune MSO Tuning elektrokola FLYON TQ

PearTune MSO-TQ is an e-bike tuning set  (followed  „MSO“) used for removing the speed limiter of electric asisted bycicles with centerdrives TQ used for example on Haibike FLYON.


Fully tested and compatible with Haibike FLYON All Mountain 2020!!!!

ORIGINAL connectors for very easy installation: PLUG and PLAY!

REAL SPEED on the display!

ACTIVATION whenever during the ride!


Speed ​​limit: fully removed

Activation: LIGHT button or +-+- buttons

Display of values ​​on the display: real speed values

Product code (SKU): PT-MSO-TQ

6 250 Kč s DPH

Detailed product description:

PearTune is connected to the e-bike system with compatible and original connectors. The  MSO  does  not  need  to  be  configured  manually.  The  entire configuration and adaptation to the paticular e-bike is done automatically. The  MSO  is  connected  in  between  the  magnetic  speed  sensor  and  the motor  unit,  and  in  between  the  display and  the  motor  unit.  MSO  is powered from the display connector. All readings about speed like actual speed, max speed, average speed are correctly displayed. Only the distance could be read a little bit less than real is.

The MSO can be activated  or  deactivated  anytime  during  the  ride  by  pressing of  LIGHT BUTTON or "+" and  "-" buttons. The device state is indicated by the speed gauge which will show "9.9"/"2.5" for a short while after activation/deactivation the PearTune, so the rider can always know whether the device is active or not.

Thanks to original connectors the e-bike tuning can be deinstalled without any signs.

The speed limit is REMOVED completely without any side effects. Not just shifted to 50km/h.

The only difference is that from the moment of installation you, not your bike, determine how fast you go. The maximum speed is limited only by the pedaling frequency.

Avalaible also in "STILL ON" version - make a note during your order and we will configurated it for you to Still ON version - the PearTune is then ON/OFF automatically when your bike is ON/OFF. So, no buttons for activation are needed.

Compatible original connectors, extremely miniature waterproof enclosure. Can be deinstalled without any signs.

  • Unlike similar sets, this device shows no display flickering or other unwanted effects. Everything else, but the speed limit removal, stays the same.
  • The only difference is that you can go the speed you want with your bike. 
  • 60km/h with assist? Just plug & enjoy!



The MSO can be activated or deactivated anytime during the ride by once short-press  of  the  light  button  or +-+- buttons.  Original  function  of  this  button remains unchanged with a long-press and the walk assist function can be used like before.



Installation procedure - download here



PearControl s.r.o.

Příkopy 1889

393 01 Pelhřimov



Technical parameters

Dimension without wiring: 12 x 25 x 4mm 

Supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V 

Maximum current consumption: 100 mA 

Maximum power usage: 1.5W 

Mass: cca 20g 

The voltage is lower then 20 V in all device and on I/O pins too



The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes. This manual is an integral  part  of  the  equipment  sold.  By  using  the  equipment  PearTune MSO its user agrees that he will use the modified e bike in accordance with the applicable legislation of the target country and so does even off-road; therefore, he is free to use it only on his own land or on land designated for  that  purpose.  The  user  also  acknowledges  that  the  operation  of bicycles outside their own land or land designated for this purpose with deactivated,  but  installed  equipment  PearTune  MSO  may  not  be  in compliance  with  legislation.  The  manufacturer  does  not  warrant  non-infringement of bicycle warranties or impossibility of damage or blockage of the e-bike system. The manufacturer disclaims liability for any damages, whether  in  health  or  property  associated  with  installing  or  using this product.


The  manufacturer  holds  the  certificate  of  electromagnetic  compatibility testing  -  Compliance  with  EU  regulations  (CE  marking)  aswell  as  the certificate of restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS label).